Posted by: nativeiowan | December 21, 2012

surf’n in the free world…


My glutes are sore. sore. sore. My calf muscles are about froze up. My hands are tight and my shoulder complains when I move it. I feel as though this surf’n biz is for blokes younger than I…

And we head out again tomorrow morn.

This surf’n bizzyness is pretty cool.

I just bought a used 7’2″ board. It’s supposedly for me to use. The boys are using 6′ softboards. These soft boards are light, easy to move and use but won’t support my weight and are not the best when it comes to actually surfing your board down a wave.

The 7’2″ is a malibu design and indeed zipps through the water. Of course both boys wanted the big-gun and indeed used it and did great… until they simply ran out of strength. It weights 3 times the soft boards and has some sharp edges on it.

So we now have three boards which means I always am with at least one board to get pushed and pounded and towed in the surf with. The undertow is strong enough to take you off your feet. The simple fact that you have to manhandle the board through and in the surf is a challenge. But we did catch some fun waves and though Mendozza ran over me and gashed my leg a bit we are all keen to return.

I do though need to get fitter if I intend to run with these young pups. I am cracking at the joints and moaning and groaning with each movement.

And I cannot wait for tomorrow and some more of this very cool… surf’n in the free world…




  1. Gotta love anything that can get a man out on the ocean, especially with kids.

    My best to the flying gecko brothers, and to you, my friend.


    • by the way, how’r them dogz of winter?

      • Them Dawgz keep crankin’ it. Ryan and Megan are having another kid, while Shiloh is likely having another girlfriend, Ryan’s still spending summers in Alaska, he’s finished his house in Fiji and is just returned there. I’ll given them your regards.


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