Posted by: nativeiowan | December 17, 2012

god luv america

In the gun-control debate there is much emotion but too often, not enough rational thought.

I am a licensed gun owner with guns stored in my brother’s safe in Iowa. Hand guns and long arms. I take pride in being good with guns. I have taught my kids and will teach my grandkids how to handle fire arms. I still enjoy hunting and fishing and other outdoor sports. I missed this year but for the past couple years I have been hanging around Montana in the fall with great bird shooting and magnificent big-game available.

But when we simply fail to be thoughtful or rational in our debates we lose the entire plot. In too many ways the US of A is becoming a parody of the B-grade action movies I indeed enjoy.

My point in case… stolen from my friend Barb’s ‘wall”: This allows me, as a non-USofAer to gain a bit of insight to the mindset behind emotional refusal to effect meaningful gun control in my native land…

And I quote:

“If making guns illegal is going to get rid of the problem then we should make drugs, rape, robbery, border jumping all illegal!”

more later

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