Posted by: nativeiowan | November 9, 2012

riders log 09 Nov2012

Have been riding a lot. The weather has been better than perfect. The roads are in good condition. Have been up and down the highways and around the back roads. Have been on the 12oo and the 800. A big smile on my face as I race along.


It is spring here and the fine sunshine coast weather blends well with the smells and vibrancy of life as the buds burst and the air fills with hypnotic perfumes. One of the features here in Queensland is the Jacaranda tree. It offers lavender colored flowers that tend to carpet the ground underneath the tree so at times, as I run through the countryside, I get to race over a carpet of purple petals.

And, my favorite… I just love that hit of jasmine as I’m cruising the countryside @ 1ookpm. Had a number of good olfactory hits today. The weather is great for it… dry but cool with the air clean and fresh. At times the hit of perfume is so strong it’s like riding into an invisible wall.

And I really, really, really like it.

Gonna get ready for another ride…

big smiles…


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