Posted by: nativeiowan | October 27, 2012

them LDC bluez, again…

This is worth a read, very clever…

Letter to Toyota

DEAR EDITOR – Allow me to address this letter to the Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan.

When manufacturing vehicles to be shipped to the Solomon Islands I request that your company does not install indicators.

Drivers here in Honiara, capital city of the Solomon Islands, have come up with a novel and effective way of indicating their intention to turn.

You simply put your hand out the window and then pull out into traffic.

You don’t even have to look in the side or rear vision mirrors, just pull out whenever you feel the time is right.

Based on that you could also bin the mirrors.

One would hope that the cost saved on not having to install indicators and mirrors will be passed onto the consumer.

With the dollars saved the lucky driver could afford to buy a couple of crates of beer  to be enjoyed whilst driving around town on a Saturday morning.

Sir, one last question.

Is there a need to have a high and low beam headlight option? We only use high beam here so maybe you could also take that out as well.

If you could please pass my suggestions onto the other car manufacturers would be very much appreciated.

George Daraeva
Honiara City


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