Posted by: nativeiowan | October 26, 2012

those ol’ LDC Bluez

… to be played in the key of C… I think I hear a tune similar to the Folsom Prison Blues…

Back in Honiara. Have been here a couple of days. I find that I can sadly allow my jaded soul to overshadow the beauty of this tropical land. It is a bit sad but then it is grand when I find myself waking from my jaded lethargy and start, once again, to appreciate this mystical and magical land…

The political scene here is such a waste. There is so much struggling and fighting for power that the business of governance simply does not get attended to.

We have been watching for weeks as another vote of no confidence is being tabled in parliament. It would, I fear, be safe to say that we cannot have a sitting of parliament without a no confidence motion being tabled. (or as in this recent sitting, two separate motions of no confidence… must be some kinda record?)

The effect this has on the machinery of governance is that the incumbent(s) are forced to spend their time playing the “numbers in power” game rather than attending to the business of governing and leading this fair land.

The headlines from the past week or so do not help… they discuss the unhappy teachers who have not been paid in months, the compensation ceremony between clans in Honiara fighting over the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl, 2 ministers of the Crown resigning due to the gov being ineffective and the immediate appointment of two replacements, a couple different headlines about the PM’s recent travels to New York and Australia and the size of the entourage he likes to take with him…

And the beat goes on…

There is not much good news and being jaded may be understandable.

By my heart is made happy by the day and the smiles found therein:

1) Nancy is #1 housekeeper and a valued member of the family. She is from Santa Cruz, a pregnant mother of 3, is about 5 foot nothing, has a huge smile and a habit of singing as she works. She is simply a pleasure to be around and lightens the day’s burdens by her relaxed and happy attitude. Today she told me the ironing board is broken and, being a tight-arse, I decided to try to fix it rather than buy a new one. Upon inspection I found that the legs had simply come apart and in the coming-apart we’d lost some pieces. (of course I got the “I tink some piece hem lose ia”)

So the legs are not usable at all. But the board is fine. So I take it all to pieces and devise a way where we simply set the ironing board on the kitchen table. It does work and noting that the house is generally empty I don’t think ironing like this is a burden to Nancy so I discussed it with her. I started the discussion by saying that I know that she may be unhappy, being so tall and all, that the board has only one height, and may not work for her… Of course she loved being told she was tall and laughed and laughed. She is still laughing and it makes me smile.

2) Peter is my Major Domo. A tall, elegant Lord Howe (Ong Tong java) elder, Peter is a traditional healer who came into my life when I was crippled by sciatica. He tore me apart in the traditional manner and laughed as I howled with pain as he “fixed” me. And indeed he did fix me. That was well over 10 years ago and Peter has been on the payroll ever since. He is second only to Nancy and is my trusted man about the house, and my person masseur. He runs the dozen or so security guys we have and has learned how to keep the pool sparking clean. A job/ responsiblity he takes very seriously.

I/ we are very busy this week so I was up early and rushing around. I needed some cash so sent Peter down to the bank to cash a cheque. Though trust worthy and an honest friend he does move slowly so I was bit shocked to see him, before noon, out cleaning the pool. I smiled like an idiot when I saw Peter; a bright yellow hard hat on his silver haired head, and, as gloves, a different coloured plastic bag, one on each hand. He was out at the pool methodically applying chlorine.

3) There was another vote of no confidence scheduled for the morning session in parliament today. The Member who was bringing the motion failed to show up so the motion was deferred until 2pm. Conjecture has it that the esteemed member was too hung over from last night’s lobbying to get out of bed. I unofficially hear the motion did get much support.

And indeed life is good…

By the way… much to the displeasure all close to me, I have started playing the harmonica again. I have started with two simple songs and once I learn these two I’ll be able to start busking at the Queen Street Mall. One of the two is indeed the Folsom Prison bluez…

4  5    5    -5   6  4  4

I hear that train a-com-in’

4    5   5     -5    6   4

It’s rol-lin’ ’round the bend,

4  5  5    -5   5   6    4

And I ain’t seen the sun-shine,

4   -4   5     4  -4 4

Since, I don’t know when,

-44   -4  4  -4   4  -4   4

I’m stuck in Fol-som Pri-son,

-4   -4    4   -4 4 -4    3

And time keeps drag-gin’ on,

4   4    -4    -4   4 -4   3

But that train keeps a-rol-lin’,

3   3   3   3   2  1

On down to San An-tone.

When I was just a baby,

My Mama told me, “Son,

Always be a good boy,

Don’t ever play with guns,”

But I shot a man in Reno,

Just to watch him die,

When I hear that whistle blowin’,

I hang my head and cry.

I bet there’s rich folks eatin’,

In a fancy dining car,

They’re probably drinkin’ coffee,

And smokin’ big cigars,

But I know I had it comin’,

I know I can’t be free,

But those people keep a-movin’,

And that’s what tortures me.

Well, if they freed me from this prison,

If that railroad train was mine,

I bet I’d move out over a little,

Farther down the line,

Far from Folsom Prison,

That’s where I want to stay,

And I’d let that lonesome whistle,

Blow my Blues away.


  1. Lovely descriptions. Sad to hear about the Government, wonderful people, bad government.

    Please pass on my best to Peter and to Nancy, as well as to Gracie, the lovely Constance and Annie, and the rest of the inlaws and outlaws …


    • big smiles your way, bro. best to the goils n wild bill

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