Posted by: nativeiowan | October 25, 2012

In Honiara…

At lunch at the new fancy hotel in town, a young fellow offered to sell me his owl…

Not something that happens everyday.



  1. Did you buy it? đŸ˜€ LOL Owl envy…

    • No, I have a thing about birds in cages. And also I’d suspect that eventually feeding a full grown owl would be a hassle… I’d have to start hunting for rats and frogs and lizards to feed it. I thought the big yellow eyes were quite appropriate for the halloween season… big smiles

      • I didn’t think for a moment you would have bought it, but how cool to have even been offered one. Magikal!

      • What was indeed cool was just touching it. It is very immature and still has those fluffy feathers. There is an irrational and selfish side to us all and I do admit to being tempted. But of course such a creature would not survive the pack of hounds I have at the house so “no” was an easy answer. smiles…

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