Posted by: nativeiowan | October 14, 2012

Pidgen-English in the main stream

I am watching the MLB play-offs. The Yankees vs the Tigers. I must admit to being a less than avid watcher of sporting events. I probably watch more MMA, WWE, soccer and rugby than anything else. But, I tend to get involved in the playoffs. Any playoffs. All playoffs… AFL, NFL, NRL, RU, NBA, UEFA, ATP, PGA… I am fair weather fan tending to watch the exciting parts…

Have watched the Tigers beat the A’s. Was up until 2am last eve watching a rerun of the Yankees beat the Orioles. Great game ifn you be a Yankees fan. 10am Sunday morn here and we get the live first game of the Yanks and the Tigers.

One thing that has me curious… When did they start using pidgen in the main stream?

I note that right behind home plate at Yankee Stadium we see ” YANKEES BEISBOL”.

I am impressed…


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