Posted by: nativeiowan | October 13, 2012

One Hundered Years of Solitude

Another strong PCV plash…

Has to do with the book, “100 Years Of Solitude”.

I was still in training and was sent with Billy Benson to visit Jimmy Guisti at Kaimaosi. This was the “walkabout” part of our training. We went up on a Thursday and back to Honiara on the Tuesday. Jimmy had a classic PCV leaf house. Bare bones basic. The boat trip and the canoe ride and the school… all a great experience.

We basically hung out for the long weekend supposedly learning something about the PSS system.

I found the book, 100 Years of solitude, at Jimmy’s house and instantly fell under the spell of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I know I spent much of that weekend in Jimmy’s hammock devouring the story/ stories. So much of that book I vividly recall. Not that this is a quote but… the first of the line shall die chained to a tree, the last shall be devoured by ants…

I strong plash from the past. And I know what I’ll be reading this eve.

All Guud



  1. Indeed, a marvelous read.


  2. one of my all time faves…

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