Posted by: nativeiowan | October 5, 2012

On the highway…

Spent some 6 hours in traffic today. Good news is mostly all was easy and I was on the 1200. I prefer rid’n to driv’n any day.

Some thoughts and observations…

1) Personalised licence plates bamboozle me… people pay a reported $250.00 for something like… “HOT VIV” was on a purple holden sedan driven by an old lady with a triple chin; or “TWO MBAS” on a BMW sports car of some flavor driven by a guy with a fancy little cap. My most recent favorite is “HIGH IQ” on a big 4×4 suburban, I think a LandCruiser.

2) Cities and rush-hour traffic brings the worse out of people. I “ride to the traffic” when I am on long rides with traffic everywhere. I watch ahead and ride trying to keep a safety gap between me and the vehicle in front. All well and good but the car behind me is right on my tail and dialing the phone and lighting a cigarette… on motorcycles in rush-hour traffic… death comes from behind.

But I do like riding and consider it all a pleasurable exercise of concentration and control.

Life is good…


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