Posted by: nativeiowan | September 18, 2012

A couple interesting things

I have been on the road a lot these past few days. I listening to talk radio as I drive. PLenty of good laughs…

A couple things of note I have recently heard:

1) A jaw dropping advertisement I had to listen to twice before I got it right… “Do you anti depressants work? If not call us and we’ll give you a free test…” I may be simple minded but are there enough of the modern society regularly taking anti depressants to justify such an ad?

2) Sydney recently had islamic fueled riots. A mullah labeled by the Leader of Opposition as “preacher of hate” got on the news and invited Tony Abbott over for a bbq. He was rational and well spoken. Is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

3) Julia Gillard’s approval rating have risen recently by a % or two. This still puts her behind the Pm she ousted, Kevin Rudd, in the eyes of the public.

life is good.



  1. For depression….. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me instead of a frontal lobotomy. When do I get to drink with you my friend?

    • Any time… when you next in the souther hemisphere?

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