Posted by: nativeiowan | August 24, 2012

An old friend,

I met for lunch today. A friend from the old Gizo days. Always a positive pleasure. He and his wife. Both glorious, both fun, both doctors.

The topic for today… He just returned from the London Olympics. I have met a number of people who are Olympiads. But I have never met another soul that has been an official team member to the past five (yes 5) olympic games.

My buddy is the doctor to the Irish Olympic team. He says the London games were the best ever.

He is retiring on a high. A record number of medals for the Irish Team. It was a frenetic and fun discussion with so much to be retold over a few short hours.

I feel honoured and smile like a fool. I am happy for my friend’s experiences and his tales of  olympic engagement. I am positively ecstatic over the official team shirt he gave me. Call me simple but it’s bitch’n and I am smiling…

Editor’s side note…. of course it makes perfect sence that Ireland’s Olympic team doctor lives in Brisbane, Australia.


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