Posted by: nativeiowan | August 23, 2012

I just gotta comment…

Gillard praises Lilo for the wrong reasons… 11% growth comes through the rape and pillage of the natural resources in the Solomons. It is not something to be proud about nor something you really mention in polite company let alone brag about.

I guess we’re suppose to say “hurray”.

I like the low crime rate comments… My house in Honiara was attacked last night by 6 machete wielding guys who broke some doors, grabbed some grog and ran off after scaring the shit out of all n sundry, even my big nasty dogs…

Indeed, a “proud and capable nation”…

Gillard praises Lilo, proud of our success

FRIDAY, 24 AUGUST 2012 04:51
Australian PM Julia GillardAustralian PM Julia Gillard is happy with the progress in the Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Julie Gillard has praised her Solomon Islands’ counterpart Gordon Darcy Lilo for his efforts in ensuring that the country continues to make progress and now holds the record for the region’s highest economic growth rate.

Gillard could not hide her joy at seeing Solomon Islands continue to thrive and make head-ways in all most all directions since her country led the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands in 2003.

She recalled that in 2003, instability in the Solomon Islands threatened not only the safety of its citizens, but the foundations of its society and government.

Then Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza requested Australian help to maintain law and order, strengthen public institutions, and promote prosperity and stability.

“It was Australia’s honour to answer that call, as did other friends and neighbours,” PM Gillard said.

And a proud Gillard said just nine years on, things have changed dramatically.

“Solomon Islands is achieving the highest economic growth rates in the region, at almost 11 per cent last year.

“It has some of the lowest crime rates in the region and is teaching its neighbours how to run correctional facilities to UN standards,” she said.

Gillard said perhaps most impressive of all has been Solomon Islands’ very successful hosting this year of an array of regional and international events.

“Solomon Islands today is a proud and capable nation. It is a nation firmly in control of its own destiny. It is a nation that is open for business. And it is a nation that we call a friend,” Gillard said.


  1. Mike, unfortunately Australians who don’t know any better are going to believe this BS!!

    • Big Kev, Its the Aussies that should and do know better that make me scratch my head.

  2. Sigh. Wish I had more to say than that.
    Wonder why politicians so often value and talk up all the wrong stuff….

    • The telling factor for me, herein, is that it’s the politicians whom are responsible for the welfare and future of their constituents. Ultimately its the electorate that wears overall responsibility. If the elected official talk up the wrong stuff my guess is they’re telling people what they want to hear. The old adage that “…in a democracy the people get the government they deserve…” comes to mind.

      How you doin, Kid?

      • Me, I’m kicking back at the farm right now – writing, growing things, relaxing and getting ready for a big retreat I’m running in a week’s time. Much love to you xx

  3. So many issues here… 1) the fact that a pack of numeric BS looks attractive in certain venues remembering that there be lies, damn lies, and statistics, 2) that the general global population has less than a sliver of a clue about it all, or really gives a shit, and 3) the idea that the wrong stuff is generally discussed and generally misunderstood is standard for our society… all very, very sad.

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