Posted by: nativeiowan | August 12, 2012

a contemplative moment

A contemplative moment.

High on the hilltop. The weather rages around us. Chill wind blowing from the southwest. It is winter here in Gizo. Will need a thick blanket tonight. I’ll leave the doors open to allow weather to influence my dreams. It’ll be like sleeping on the deck of a boat at sea.

It’s a dark, dark night. Very quiet. Not sure what’s out there. In the gloom. Lurking with intent. Lots of wind. A bit of rain but nothing too heavy. Nothing too heavy, yet.

Has been a frenetic past few days. Business demands have been high. The work though quite rewarding. It’s always magical to find smiles and even laughter in the stress and struggles of daily life. This week was good as we actually got a couple great belly laughs out of it all.

Saw a specter of a person I once knew. I was shocked. A once reasonable and respectable person in an advanced state of degeneration. So sad. How can you help one unable or unwilling to help themselves? Is there such a thing as a lost cause? Or perhaps there is a triage in life where some souls are lost simply because there are others who are better benefited by assistance?

My youngest son regales me of his adventures on a remote Island in the north Marovo Lagoon. Rovana is a neat place. Paul has decided to go and pioneer this area. We had a functioning outpost on Rovana a few years back but it got neglected and is in need of lots of attention. With a small team of workers Paul is living rough and working hard. Catch as much fish as you need before each meal is the menu. They are loving it. Selling a bit of fuel, a small trade store. A bakery comes next. Looking to promote a weekly market day on the island. It is an enthusiastic plan well suited for youthful vigor.

The Captain on our barge died of a heart attack last week. Went from OK, to not well, to dead in a short period of time. Captain Frank will indeed be missed.

This week’s reading has been scant. But a few pearls appear: “All classes alike thus build their plans, the rich to spend more and save less, the poor to spend more and work less.”

The morning is as wind blown as the night. I woke frequently. Much like a night at sea. A fresh gust or a change in direction and you’re up giving the world a look-see, pumping the bilges and lying back down.

No fancy coffee brewing gear at this house. Resorted to a pot of “Uncle-Tyke” style coffee.  Bring the water to a near boil in a saucepan, add your coffee and keep from boiling too much. Add a few drops of cold water to sink the solids.  Ladle off the top trying not to pick up too many grounds. A proper cup of “MUD”.

A couple grandsons came to play. They are small and make me smile. We have a birthday cake for 3 yr. old Dylan. This eve we’ll let him make a mess of the cake. Good fun. Maxxwell is only a few months old so is far too small for a rough-houser like me.

Brought a ham up for the boys. It’s in the oven slow roasting. Pork with ginger baked rice is the menu. We sliced some pieces and fried with eggs for a late breakfast. Tossed in some red-rocket chilies. Very interesting when you munch on a whole fried chili.

Should run over and see my buddy over on Babanga this afternoon. Hans runs the best lil’ resort in the islands. I spoke with him this morn and he’ll send a boat for me when I’m ready. I dig having friends with cool pubs and great boats. It makes life easy. But the weather prompts me to stay indoors. May be time for a lazy day up on the hilltop.

A lazy day up on the hilltop would be good, very good.

More later



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