Posted by: nativeiowan | July 25, 2012

one of those smiles…

Just had one of the powerful plash backs… time and place sort’a thing…

prompted by a visual-aid on television, I am phlashed back to 1995…

A night dive off Naru wall with Tim Luckle, Mike McCoy and Roger Springthorpe.

Naru wall is an amazing dive outside of Gizo very rarely visited at night.,_Solomon_Islands

As a group of young, intrepid explorers, the four of us did a lot of interesting diving and dive exploring in those days. I believe that we were the first night divers on Naru. But my tall tales tend to lead to tangents… any way… The dive is about 15 minutes in, we’re at 100 ft or so and ready to move upwards in our multilevel dive that will last an hour. McCoy of course has his monster old housing loaded with strobes. Roger has a more modest housing but as many strobes. Luckle and I simply follow behind and watch the phototakers do their work.

Note that both Mike McCoy and Roger Springthorpe are professional/ semi professional – biologists/ phototakers.

Being underwater is a gas but being under the water at night is an intense, scary as shit, neon lit gas…a double phantastic neon lit gas…

I must digress… I smile and think of MP Lawlor’s first night dive…

Anyway. for them that have dun… I am sure my words fail but you probably agree, it is a brilliant display of light and motion, with a sound track that makes one think of sharks.

So we’re at 100 ft, I’m hanging back as McCoy is in a little grotto snapping a shot. Roger is coming up from the side. Luckle is watching over us in neutral buoyancy a few feet above and behind. I remember clearly turning the corner to peek into the grotto where McCoy was, only to startle back…

Mike is petting a big, big, big cuttle-fish. Mike’s gloved hand fits well between it’s eyes. The eyes of this big “fish” are rolled back in pleasure as Mike rubs it’s “forehead”.

McCoy did shit like this regularly. That’s why it was so cool to drive with him. He knew a lot and shared it readily… like the time we petted the hawks-bill on the bonegi wreck… Diving with McCoy was a neat experience.

So we all pet the big-arsed cuttle-fish, we gotta go up before we go into decco time, so we say g’bye to the fish. We go to swing away and the dern thing followed us. We had to kinda shoo it away and run off.

It was way cool. A buzz. A big, big buzz.

And a great phlash back.

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