Posted by: nativeiowan | July 5, 2012

now this is newz…

PNG traditional penis guard attracts many

TAKE a walk to the Papua New Guinea stall at the Pasifika village and you will come across a long unusual men’s traditional underwear.

Called a penis guard, the men’s traditional wear is used by men to cover their penis.Bertha Saki from Angoram in the East Sepik who displayed the penis guard said it is made from bush fibre and decorated using red and black soil.

“It takes a day to make one,” she said.

She explained that it has been a tradition passed down from their forefathers to the young generation and is still being used today in cultural ceremonies.

The penis guard has since attracted both local and international tourists.

Some said they have never seen something like that but were happy to learn from the culture and traditions of PNG.

It is commonly used by men from East Sepik province and Sandaun province (West Sepik) during cultural occasions.

East Sepik is a province in Papua New Guinea.

Its capital is Wewak.

East Sepik has an estimated population of 343,180 people (2000 census) and is roughly 42,800 km square in size.

This is where PNG’s first Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare comes from.

Sandaun province on the other hand is the north-westernmost province of Papua New Guinea.

It covers an area of 36,300 km² and has a population of 185,741 (2000 census). The capital is Vanimo.

It lies on the bother between PNG and Indonesia.

By Douglas Marau


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