Posted by: nativeiowan | June 18, 2012

I was wrong…

It was only 7 + hours from Singapore to Abu Dhabi.

Getting ready for my last leg of this up-hill run. about 130am here. Plane will fly in about an hour. Should be another 7 hours or so. We arrive in London at 7:30am. I left the house in Oz right on 24 hours ago. It is all good…

Enough of a layover here to have a shower and a shave. Clean jocks, clean teeth… I feel like a new man.

This is my first time into what I was taught to call “Asia Minor”. I can see heaps of money here. I watched a drunk Arabian fellow buy two very costly watches. A surprisingly eclectic mix of people in the boarding area. Had a fun chat with a retired English lawyer and his Aussie wife.

I dig the flowing head wear worn here. I want one.

A lot of women in burkas. And a lot not.

Quite an interesting mix here.

Life is good.


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