Posted by: nativeiowan | April 29, 2012

more per the enquiry

Let me post a link here to a recent book (2007) that gives what I consider to be a fair view of the current “developed vs least developed country” BS that baffles, blasphemes and bamboozles…

How Rich Countries Got Rich and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor“, It is worth the read.

Interesting you mention tourism… sure, a good thing but also, in a way a premeditated neo-colonial endeavour to sustain certain places (the tropic isles and other locations) in a state of “need” where wealthy developed country dwellers can “holiday”… kinda tastes bad thinking about it like that, eh?

I smile as I consider, where do the LDC folk get to go holiday?



  1. You might enjoy some numbers from William Easterly’s Book “The Elusive Quest for Growth”:

    and the Jonathan Glennie’s blog in the Guardian at

    I’ll look forward to what these additional ingredients produce in the kitchen (or is it a still?) of Mike Hemmer’s mind.

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