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those ol’ LDC bluezz

Stabbed to death

Simon's facebook profile photo. 

A man from Kwara’ae in Malaita province was stabbed to his death in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The incident which shocked Honiara city over the weekend occurred in front of the central market.

The deceased identified as Simon Fuo’o was killed as a result of a confrontation with a group of men.

Reports reaching the paper said there was a road block set up by a group of men believed to be youths in the early hours of Saturday morning near the main market.

The deceased was traveling in his car and stopped as a result of the road block.

It was when he stopped, went out and confronted the group where was believed to be attacked and stabbed a number of times.

He was rushed to the hospital but later died as a result of multiple wounds and loss of blood.

A security officer looking after the central market who intervened and attempted to stop the attack was also attacked and received injuries to his body.

A nursing officer working at the emergency and accident department at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) on Saturday morning said the deceased suffered multiple wounds and injuries as result of the stabbing.

All attempts by medical officers at the National Referral Hospital to save the deceased proved futile as result of heavy loss of blood.

Relatives of the deceased in retaliation burned down four homes at the Koa Hill area, in Central Honiara where the alleged attackers were said to be residing.

Families believed to be related to the alleged attackers were evacuated from the area for their own safety.

Police were immediately called in to provide security and patrol around the Koa Hill area.

Leaders from both parties who have been involved in the incident have appealed to their people to remain calm to allow police investigation.

Member of Parliament for East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga and MP for Central Kwarae Jackson Fiulaua have strongly appealed on behalf of the family to all relatives and friends to allow the law to take its natural course and not take the law into their own hands.

Its understood a number of suspects have been apprehended and remanded in custody over the incident and will be assisting the police in their investigation.

More witnesses are expected to be called in as part of the investigation.

Late Fuo’o was a former diplomat who had served in the foreign affairs ministry working in Geneva and Canberra.

Fuo’o, 35, recently joined the ministry of environment, conservation and meteorology.

Since his passing away friends, colleagues and relatives have expressed their condolence messages over his untimely passing away through the face book (FB).

Many have described his tragic passing away as a a great loss for his family, relatives, province, government and the country.

He was also described him as a good and potential leader and very influential in his profession.

A family member Fred Peters through facebook yesterday on behalf of the family thanked all those who have shared the sympathy and for their sincere expression of love shown to late Fuo’o.

“Through these many posts expressing sympathy and encouragement to the family, only God knows the meaning of our tears, who never fails us day by day and will continue to bless us all.

“Simon has truly been a leadership material in the family and will always be in our memories. Words cannot express sufficiently the sadness and the shock the family experienced,” Mr Peters said.

Mr Peters said the family  apologised for what transpired from this death and wish to humbly disassociate themselves from such acts as they do respect the law of the land.

Late Fuo’o’s body was transported to Auki yesterday where hundreds arrived at the wharf to witness the arrival of his casket and pay their last respect.

He will be laid to rest at Fiukwai village today besides his late mother.

Police investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile following the incident, members of the public have called on responsible authorities to address the law and order situation in the city while questioning the safety of the city during the night.

A concerned father said police patrol should step up as a result of the incident.

Another student said this is a result of increased unemployment in the country.

Members of the public have condemned the killing and want those involved to be brought to justice.

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