Posted by: nativeiowan | March 30, 2012

LDC junkie newz

Back in Honiara. 

Did a surprise flight back for Easter with Grace and the flying gecko bros. Didn’t tell anyone I was bringing the pups and Grace. Connie thought she was picking me up and got a surprise. Angelo’s mom was working away and he walked up behind her. 

All good fun.

Lots of rain. Nice and cool. Even chilly. I feel the bugs chewing and nipping. Like any “new-bee” my skin is soft and tasty to the bugs that abound. Need to dig-out the coconut and citronella oil.

What strikes me when flying in is the total GREEN of everything. So much life thrives here. And it all hides behind something green.

And everything drips.I bet we’ve had a third of a meter, 1 foot, of rain in the last 24 hours… or maybe I have been gone too long and forgot what 3 meters of rain a year looks like. I was woke last night by a loud metalic sound of large water drops dripping from the eves onto the corrugated-iron roof outside my bedroom window.

And the geckos… the real geckos… the ones that bark at night. Nice to hear them again. Something we don’t have in aus, and something I do miss.

We fly to Gizo tomorrow. Spend time there. Leave Angelo with his parents here and take Mendozza to his in Gizo. Gives both Grace and I a break from grand-parenting. Time for some early morn and eve fly fishing forays onto the flats. 

All good…



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