Posted by: nativeiowan | March 26, 2012

Motorbikes, mowers, and more

How can you tell when you’re a retired old fart?

I’m new to this retired stuff and need some help. Many of my faithful readers have been retired longer than I.

I know ML has taken a part time job. Big Kev rides his bicycle ungodly distances. DV drank a carton of gin a week.

I’m not bored, yet… Two grandsons do take time. Since January I have undertaken a sizable development in our little back yard. I am renowned through the neighborhood as the guy who polishes his car every day. Hell I even spend a fair bit of time cleaning the house.

But today was one of those genuinely retired days…

After weeks of rain we have had a few consistently beautiful days. I was out running errands on the 800cc bike for most of the morning. I spent well over an hour in the saddle. Got all my “most impotent” things-to-do done.

Then mowed the lawn.

My little patch of suburbia had gotten wild.

Like riding a big bike on the roads, mowing the lawn has a poetic cadence.

The sound of the bike and the control of the revs and the gearing, the traffic filled with bad drivers and would-be suicides.

The monotonous drone of the mower as you navigate the stately straight clipping of the grass.

I feel complete. I was all over on the bike… down through the Maloola valley. A great winding ride with some hairpin curves and some killer long full speed well cambered curving corners that go on forever. Then through Coloundra and a couple chances to crank the 800 up from zero to 60 very quickly. But I love the high-rev controlled speed running the winding country black tops here offer.

I feel complete. My lawn screams “retired old fart”. I set the mower real low. This is an end of summer cut for the lawn. I whipper-snipped all the edges. All along the curbs and the terracing, the driveway, and fencing. The lawn looks like a marine’s haircut.

Then after school we had under 7s soccer practice. It was a hoot. There were 6 kids. I might sound like a braggart but I must say that my Island bred pups are much more coordinated, prepared and capable than their peers. Mendoza’s teammates, rather than practicing as a team, fought each other for ball control. Mendozza was getting quite frustrated.

I had to laugh at Grace, and another mom who lives on our street. They were merrily chatting away. The other mom was asking what Grace watched on TV. Grace honestly replied she did not watch much TV but, when she did, she liked watching UFC and Golf. The other mom was shocked.

So its been motorcycling, mowing, and more, for me…



  1. Mike, you know what’s wrong with being retired ?
    ” You don’t get weekends anymore “”

  2. Mike, glad you are still blogging away. Hope you remember me, last time we shook hands it was after chilli crabs in Singapore. Drop me a line and I fill you in on what’s been happening.

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