Posted by: nativeiowan | March 4, 2012

more of interest

Doing some research on the old days here in the Solomons. It is interesting that the islanders were so adept at taking what they wanted from the new immigrants and maintaining, to a huge degree, for up to 100 years, their independent life styles. The colonial consensus in or around 1900, was that things had to change, in order for the islanders to survive. There was quite a “ramping-up” of war like activity in the major war like tribes, after these major tribes (or soon to be major) came in contact with the immigrants and their steel.

Steel was huge. It upset the balance of power within the tribes. Basically, those who got steel first got to become dominant. And, in relation to the new “Settler” surviving, he basically had to tie his cart to a tribal horse in order to survive. This story of Mr. Frank Wickham the elder shows a compromise or a ruthlessness of character. Note that other stories tell of Wickham the elder using his warriors to curtail competition in his area…

Also, life for the early “settler” in the Solomons had a pretty rough job of it. I use this story of Mr. Phillip Palmer the elder to exemplify the plight some experienced.


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