Posted by: nativeiowan | February 29, 2012

The torrid tropics

A chilled, raining day here. I woke early, but stayed in bed, listening to the day. I heard brief bursts of attempted noise and energy, then another shower would come in, and all noise and energy would be seduced by the rain. A somnambulistic state is induced by the rain.

By 8am I had dozed and listened to life long enough, and moved to the couch. The overcast skies. The day is so chilled I used the blanket. And listened to life, it’s bursts of energy, and it’s lulls. The lulls in life are quite noticeable. At times all breathing, for an instant, in harmony, ceases. A lull in life.

Like the doldrums to sailors, this climate does the same to lifestyles. Short periods of big blows, then long times where not a thing moves.

The early “sailors” were confused by the doldrums. Thought evil spirits had cast the vessel and crew into a lifeless hell… “… water, water, every where… and not a drop to drink…”.

For those that are in the know… it’s not evil spirits, it’s just the way of the islands.

The torrid tropics.


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