Posted by: nativeiowan | February 26, 2012

A “Willis” storm brews

… one of those highly energized cauldrons in the air; where dark clouds swirl and grumble. Cracks of lighting surround where I sit. A mini-little storm brews overhead. Its what I call a Willis storm.

In conversations Willis and I often discussed energy and energy-use. Willis is a climatologist, and I always wondered how one could create a little mega-volt generator out of a storm in a tea cup.

A big long, low grumble… still vibrating on.

Wheres the crack? That gun-shot sound that raises hairs on the back of the neck.

It is fitting that I watch UFC 144. Henderson vs Edgar. Good fight. The weather is playing hell with reception.

And the storm has not hit. No rain yet. No wind. Today was oppressively hot. Temps now have plummeted. Soon the deluge.

There it is… the rains come. And Edgar better tap out before I lose reception all together…

But, for now, the seething, swirling cauldron of energy grumbles and growls…

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