Posted by: nativeiowan | February 25, 2012

Back in the Solomons

Back in Honiara.

Noon on Saturday. I flew in afternoon Thursday. I must say its a fun change from the regulated Land of Oz…

I have written about Oz before. The pros and cons of a life there. My experience is limited but I know Oz to be one of the most regulated lands on the planet… there is a regulation for about everything that moves. Life styles and the social system in Oz rate high everywhere. It is a true “nanny-state”. So regulation makes sense in a regulated way…

Of course, Solomon Islands is a respected member of the “least developed nations” club…

Least developed country (LDC) is the name given to a country which, according to the United Nations, exhibits the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development, with the lowest Human Development Index ratings of all countries in the world. The concept of LDCs originated in the late 1960s and the first group of LDCs was listed by the UN in its resolution 2768 (XXVI) of 18 November 1971.[1] A country is classified as a Least Developed Country if it meets three criteria[2][3]:

  • low-income (three-year average GNI per capita of less than US $905, which must exceed $1,086 to leave the list)
  • human resource weakness (based on indicators of nutrition, health, education and adult literacy) and
  • economic vulnerability (based on instability of agricultural production, instability of exports of goods and services, economic importance of non-traditional activities, merchandise export concentration, handicap of economic smallness, and the percentage of population displaced by natural disasters)

A club I enjoy being a member of. There is something about the bad roads, the sporadic if at all social services, a drunken, noisy neighbor… I was just recently writing about the early morning blues syndrome… a nearby neighbor is heading full speed into a sad Sunday morning… They’re just rewinding the tape to play that “one” song, again, and again, and again…

I am soooo hapi to be back in the islands.

It’s a hot, humid day. I sit on the upstairs deck of our Honiara pad. The light outside of the roof’s shade is glaringly bright. My old friend, Chew-Dog, just came up to be with me. (the other dogs are strangely afraid or incapable of the stairs thus Beanie is at the landing crying) A very nice breeze cools the skin and rustles the vegetation. Carol, the gardener, is making noise with a wheel barrow and rake. I am certain though it is for my benefit, not the gardens.

I just got a “yeeeehhhhoooo” outta the neighbors. It’s early still, a long time to go before that Sunday morning day after bluuzz…

I was in town doing some running. Well, indeed, running is the wrong word…

I was stuck crossing the metaniko bridge and for many minutes the guy walking next to my car, heading the same direction, was gaining on me. The recent month or so of heavy rain… I know one day last month Honiara saw 750 mm or 30 inches of rain… has made the roads here go from really bad to frigg’n terrible. I actually took a joy-ride through Ranadi. Very interesting, and the roads there are nothing more than a mention of a track. Not honestly a road at all.

And I like it. I head to Gizo next week and do, do look forward to it all. Call me an old LDC junkie…

So hanging out waiting for my 6 and 4 yr old granddaughters to come over and play. We’ll crank up the bbq, rile the dogs, play in the pool and generally waste the afternoon. It’ll be fun and I will take pictures…

more later

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