Posted by: nativeiowan | February 7, 2012

Juz luv them islands…

Don’t you juz love it when the supposed leaders get in hot water and invariably state “I will clear my name”…

They don’t say I didn’t do it, or I did and I am sorry… they say “I will clear my name”. I find it confusing, sadly predictable and strangely incongruous… ifn you be  a politician yer name is pretty shite from the gi-go, ain’t it?

Former PM vows to clear his name

TUESDAY, 07 FEBRUARY 2012 04:08
FORMER Prime Minister Danny Philip says he has nothing to hide as he vows to clear his name on the alleged corrupt dealings over the controversial Republic of China (ROC) funding.

In a letter to the Solomon Star, Mr Philip said he has already completed a report on the ROC funding saga to be tabled before Parliament soon.The former Prime Minister came under heavy public criticism over allegations he misused the funds for his personal gains which led to a massive walkout by his ministers resulting in his downfall in November last year.

“I will be transparent about this matter which people were pampering to the media with prior to my resignation,” he said.

He said he would make sure that his report would also be made a public document.

Mr Philip also accused this paper of playing a vital role in campaigning against his leadership.

The former Prime Minister has also challenged that Members of Parliament (MPs) involved in the Tsunami Saga and other controversial issues to must also produce similar reports.

He said the people in the Western Province as well as people of this nation have the right to know how money was spent.

The former Prime Minister also queried the controversial dealings behind the computer project which occurred in 2007-2008, an issue that allegedly involved corrupt practices by certain politicians some who are still MPs.

“The country also wants to know what happened to the Computer Project in 2007/8.  Why is it too irksome to debate the Tsunami Report in Parliament but instead going all the way to the courts to stop it from being debated?

Has there been any report also on the Computer Project 2007/8?

Let’s see how many more colleagues in this Parliament will produce similar reports on how they have been using their people’s monies since they came into Parliament,” Mr Philip said.

He said this would be a true litmus test of what has been happening behind the eyes of the public.

Mr Philip said only then people would know who the real corrupt politicians were.

“Corruption must not be perceived only but proven beyond all reasonable doubt,” he said.

The former Prime Minister has challenged people ‘Peoples Power’ and people in this nation to also challenge other outstanding issues involving corrupt practices by other politicians.

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