Posted by: nativeiowan | February 4, 2012

The Fearsome Flying Gecko Brothers gett wett

Had a blast  at a big water slide near here. Of course there was blood but how can you have fun without a bit of blood…

We were at “Thrill Hill”. It advertises a 120 meters of fall. I tend to belive them. They offer two choices of mats to help accelerate your down hill plunge.

They recommend you run a few times before you get a mat. Which we did. And it was fun. But we wanted it to be ‘more fun” so we grabbed a green mat, the fast ones, each.

And I promptly cracked th back of my head.

And it was fun. The pee’d in rushing water, the near vertical drop (in places) that turns you through hair-pin curves then spits you out into a tepid pool. It was fun.

Aged 5 and up accepted through the gates.. I reckon that all kids between 5 and 8 and 50 to 65 pee without even noticing as the sheer fun and excitement overwhelms. The drops and turns are interesting to say the least. I do hope having the pee scared out of you is better than the next level of engagement. I know I had the stupid “ahhhh” look on my face when I hit corner-one, wayyy toooo fast, and came out the other end head first.

So all good fun. 4 butterfly bandaids later and I am back in action. The Fearsome Flying Gecko Brothers are good fun but I am going to have to step back a bit.

Mendozza, Angelo and I had a fender-bender on our bicycles last Monday. Both boys came out OK but I nailed my knee a beauty. More blood. Now the head wound… guess its Fly Gecko Brothers- 2, fat old grandad- 0.

Life is good.


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