Posted by: nativeiowan | February 2, 2012

advice for the young mothers

I hear a number of the young mothers of my eclectic extended family  talk of their children being sick a lot. I hear Alayna dealing with bugs and teething. I hear Tracey talk of her busy kids being bugged up and ill…

I tender some advice for the young mothers out there…

I found essential oils ages ago. They have become the foundation for my tribes well-being. I have thrown out all other topical ointments and tinctures. I strongly suggest you young mothers go out and buy immediately:

Tea Tree Oil, the most antiseptic item found naturally. Used in hospitals where bugs grow in a near sterile environment. When all the hard-core antibiotics fail the hospitals use Tea Tree. You can put a few drops in the bath and let your kids steam their sinus, clean all skins, bruises, and scratches. I have in fcat use a drop on sore teeth/ gums. I know a lot of people do not like the smell of Tea Tree but I reckon it to be a miracle oil. Note that like most oils it can burn the skin so either a few drops in the bath or a few drops in some carrier oil then apply to skin. Use neat carefully.

Lavender Oil, may well be the swiss army knife of oils. It relaxes, reduces swelling, makes sore muscle better. Makes you smile and feel drowsy. My last trip to Montana I nailed my elbow a beauty in a short fall down a big mountain and ended up with classic bursitis. Within a couple of hours of the injury I got liberal amounts of lavender on it and kept the treatment going. It made all the difference. With the teething baby… a drop on your finger, rub it into your thumb then rub finger and thumb behind the ears, behind the neck and on the line of the jaw. Forehead and temples are nice too. You can rub a drop on the gum as well but the taste is usually to much for a kid.

I can discuss other oils: Rose, Eucalyptus, Lang Lang… they are all good but, in all seriousness Tea Tree and Lavender do it all.

Grab a small bottle, a drop of lavender to get strated… put a bit on a wet wash cloth and wash your face and neck… it is sooo refreshing. And soo gud for you.

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