Posted by: nativeiowan | January 27, 2012

running on empty

I’ll wager that many of my faithful readers watch, or have watched “Top Gear”.

Remember the one where Clarkson drove an Audi V8 from London to Edinburgh on one tank of gas. The ending of this clip had JC running on what the vehicle reports as “O” fuel.

I drive a little Audi.  And just the other day, I should have ran out of gas. For a fair distance the car’s onboard computer told me I had “O” ks left in the gas tank.

Was stressful to say the lease. Stupid in many ways. But I am glad I have a car that literally runs on empty.

more later


  1. And here I thought you would be discussing and playing Jackson Brown…

  2. Not a bad idea… Have not heard “Dr my eyes” for ages…

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