Posted by: nativeiowan | January 7, 2012

gun-metal grey

A gun-metal grey day out. The overcast sky is grey. The sea is grey. A very grey day.

a chilled drizzle adds to the drabness of the day. I should put a shirt on. A bit cold.

I woke too early. Really could have slept for hours more but was wide awake so got up. Grace spent the night on the futon out on the south veranda. The weather was building in the south all day yesterday and Grace decided to spend the night cocooned in blankets out in the teeth of the weather.

The south side of the house is the “weather” side. The is no protection there. The reef below us has waters that have just done an uninterupted run from antarctica crashing and pounding on it. Big swells come in. And even on calm days the drumming of the waves on the reef is noticeable.

We have a weather system kicking into gear south-east of us.

Sure makes the frigate birds happy… there are about 50 hanging in the air above the coast line to the south.

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