Posted by: nativeiowan | January 2, 2012

very nice

Just had one of those 13 minute, very, very electric, tropical storms rush over us. At one point we had ignition right over our heads. Bright flashes. Nice loud cracks, and kerbannggs…

Exactly like the storms W.E. write about in his science…

Very nice.

It’s about 3 miles off now, still powerful, still nice… one last loud fire-cracker pop, then a low grumble that carries into the distance. The rain still pelting. The air is alive. On the verandah here you may even be tad bit too high but it’s worth it… the whole interactive experience… that one just shook the house…

very nice

Band width stuffed due to the storm. This did not go out. So I continue…

I was wrong. We just caught part of it. Not a 13 minute storm but a much longer one. We have ignition over head now, again. Just had a flash and crack outside the house, got the powerline and popped the main fuse… cerrrrack!!! Sparks in the yard then power off. Still tingling…

gotta start the genset to get on line now…

Went down and inspected the damage. there is none. Too rainy to go start the genset so will wait.

The storm has turned around. Coming back but spent of electricity. Just wind and rain. Rain coming down on a 45 degree slant.

very nice indeed…

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