Posted by: nativeiowan | January 1, 2012

life is gud

To day is the day of our NY’s/ family/ biz party. All the clan but Qalo here. Will keep it small so only staff and close parasites for today’s doo. probably 100 people or so.

Pig on the spit, chickens, a couple big fresh snappers. Aggregate consumables like rice and motu spuds, etc, etc.

The “adults” ran off last eve and left me and Grace with Angelo, Angelina, Ana, Jimmy, and Mack. They were pretty good but I swear I do not remember crawling into bed with Angelo and Jimmy. Grace had been a bit tired/ feeling unwell so she’d gone to bed early. I got the kids sorted (after a big supper with the adults) so they were all scrubbed and bedded. I was sitting doing a bit of work on the computer for a long time. I know Angelo and Jimmy were up watching a movie. I must have gone in when one of the little ones were making some noise. Laid down and…

Woke well pre-dawn with Ana a bit unhappy about not having “mom” to snuggle up with. She and I are good friends and I got her into bed with me and patted her bottom enough to set her back to snoozing. But she’d woke Macky.

Mack and Jimmy are Osborne and Bridgette’s kids. They are bit frightened by the lighter skinned members of the big family and they simply do not know me. So Mack was not real keen to be consoled by this big ugly white dude. So he cried… “moooooommmmmeeeeeee…… mmmmooooommmmmmeeeee…”…

Not loud, just persistent. Luckily Grace was up so she rescued Mack (note, he does not know Grace well and though he was happier he continued to cry for mommy) and I got to keep snoozing.

Eventually I wandered into my own bed. Got a couple hours of sleep and am now up, in our old position of observation on the veranda.

I had to laugh yesterday… we were putting up a volley ball net… after the whole committee thing of deciding where the next and posts went, and after I stuck the spade in the ground to dig the first hole… I was told to move it, about 1.5 meters… Now I can possibly see where 1.5 meters would make a difference in a professional volleyball game in a small yard but… this ain’t a professional game and there is a hectare of land to choose to put the dern net. So in my mind 1.5 meters was indeed superfluous.

Super efficient Lanlyn is keeping the house clean as the party preparations rage on… outside.

We just chased all the kids out of the house. We will sick Paul on them if they continue to come in and out of the house. Paul and Lanlyn are doing the in house cooking.

The pig is down on the wharf at the depot. The boys chose to cook it there. The women and some of the blokes are doing the chickens and the fish at the old bbq pit here.

The day could not be better. Bright and clear. Sparkling, actually. The sky and the sea are the same colour of pale blue. A good breeze keeps us cool. The big old house cat has been hiding since the kids arrived. The dogs are all anticipating a good feed today.

Life is good,

life is good for all involved.


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