Posted by: nativeiowan | December 31, 2011

walking through glorious gizo

Had a good walk down the hill and through the town this morn. Lots to see. Many people to greet. I said “morning” to everyone I met. One young punk did not even acknowledge me. His loss for being a grumpy shit-head. The kids are always great…

One toddler, a Kiribati baby girl, completely naked and just getting out on the road. Her mother was sweeping under the hibiscus bush where the shade was dense and the air cool. The baby was spreading her wings.

Bow-legged, naked bottom, her hair still with that infant fineness. She was one foot in the road, and stretching her neck to look down the road. As I walked up behind her.

She had just started a hasty retreat back towards the safety of mama, when she saw me. Like a deer in the wild, she froze, eyes wide, ears perked-up, poised for flight.

I gave her a big ugly white-man smile (the only kind I can give) and raised my hand to offer a wave.

I kept walking, in few steps was out of her range of vision, then I heard a big wail.

A delayed reaction but a good one none the less. Poor little thing will be marred for life.

Glorious Gizo.


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