Posted by: nativeiowan | December 30, 2011

party time, again

I am sitting on the verandah watching preparations for the pending pig cooking to kick into gear. Reminds me of the wedding we had a few years ago. The Melanesian “decision by committee” rulz once more.

It was right on 3 years ago that Willis and I sat here and watched the carryon and drama involved in a Melanesian style process. As Willis described then,, everyone has to sit around and talk about everything, before anything can get done.

Now that I am a tribal elder I just sit back and smile. Of course, Grace is not as wise and gets involved. Bad idea from my view-point. Add to the recipe that our grown kids are bit confused or disorganised… we were not sure what day we were to have this party… Don had planned Monday. Annie and Connie and planned Sunday. Terry, Tony, Grace and I simply had no plans. I belive it’s happening, I think, Sunday. Yet to be seen.

So I start the morn slow. Was up late last night hanging out enjoying the scene. No rush to wake in the morn… tide is wrong for fishing so why not stay in bed… By about 930 when I was up and about I saw friends and family members arrive and work starting. The ladies are making the place beautiful by arranging flowers and colourful plants. I saw Annie, Connie, Elsie, Mi Lai, and the kids all with bundles of flowers to arrange through the yard. I saw Terry, Tony and few of their friends/ family hanging around, smoking, thinking about thinking about something.

That was about a half hour ago. The guys are still sitting thinking about, thinking about something. The women and the kids are in the guest house with the kids… Time for a coffee break no doubt.

So it is party time again in Gizo. The Melanesian brotherhood (and sisterhood) are in conference as per how and when this all happens. Funny, a side note, I was recently thinking about the 12th South Pacific Festival of Arts which will be held in Honiara next June. We are 6 months away and no one has done anything. The Festival of Arts is a big thing and one should be prepared. but here… we talk about, talking about what we need to do for ages, then, at the last minute everyone stops talking and the gig is completed at the very last possible moment.

News phlash… the guys and the gals just loaded everything in a truck and drove away. I may be wrong. Maybe there is no party here after all…

I juz luv it all… Welcome to the Isles…


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