Posted by: nativeiowan | December 28, 2011

green aand blue, aa cat too

green aand blue, aa cat too

greens, it should be, not green

blues, it should be, not blue

the cat is indeed singular

Soo many green and blues. Sky and sea, dark dense foliage.

Lights and darks, hues and shades from the entire spectrum. Green and blue. Greens and blues…

The cat is indeed singular

He lies on the stairs. Staring disdainfully upon me, his glare is malevolent.

The rain has turned the day’s pallet to stark pastels. Everything is washed-out. Now, with the rain, the overcast shadows and shades, things are muted. Not vibrant or even “neon” as can happen under the fierce glare of the equatorial sun.

Greens and Blues. A Cat too…

Life is good.


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