Posted by: nativeiowan | December 28, 2011

cleaning up fishn’ gear

Has been a while since I actually went out and intentfully fished these waters. I get a bit blase’ thinking how incredibly good the fishing was, say, 30 years ago. When the population was half what it is now… I can get demotivated. But that’s the wrong attitude.

So I am cleaning up some fishing gear. I’ll start wasting some time and fuel out on the water here and see if I can get a feel for what is happening. Like I said, it has been a long time… and the gear has been used and abused…

Got the little spin caster all rigged up before I tested the reel. It is seized. Very seized. Beyond repair seized. So I cut the line and lure apart and started on the 20 weight shimano… it checked out, am happy with it’s performance and it is now well rigged for use. Next the 30 weight… actually looks like this reel has never been used. Hmmm thought I knew where it had come from. Not too sure now.

Can’t locate a fly rig. I took one to Honiara. The other may well be with Paul. I’ll run to Liapari tomorrow and see.

So getting ready to go fishn’… not a bad occupation… both gett’n ready and fishn’… both beat the daylights outa working


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