Posted by: nativeiowan | December 3, 2011

rugby 7s

I am watching the Dubai 7s competition. Not sure how many of my USA based readers are all that familiar with rugby let alone rugby 7s.

Just watched the USA beat Canada in the semifinals. The US team looks great.

7s is a great game. 7 a side. 7 minute halves. A fast pace, kick arse game of running, and ball handling. A 7s series lasts hours. This I am watching is on Fox Sports and offers 7 hours of solid 7s play. Not that I am into 7 hours of sports… been busy and riding my bikes since early morn, but… this is a great way to end the day and beats the shit outta the newz…

And the USA is doing great. An ex-wrestler form the university of Iowa named Bokhoven looks real impressive.

I strongly suggest my USA based readers tune in and watch this series. It is time to become rugby-savvy. The Fiji team is my favourite but this USA team could win my support real easy.


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