Posted by: nativeiowan | November 23, 2011

ggot, got no time…

‘No time to waste’

THURSDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2011 04:26
PM Gordon Darcy Lilo

PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says time should not be used to rush the Government in bringing the 2012 budget to Parliament.This came after the Opposition warned the Government yesterday not to adjourn meetings because the budget is still to go through the Public Accounts Committee and tables on Parliament for debate. (PAC)

PM Lilo has moved a special adjournment motion for the second time for the meeting to take on Friday.

This is to allow his cabinet to settle down after the 24 ministers took their oath at Government House on Tuesday.

He first moved the motion last Friday to allow him to name his cabinet line ups.

MP for East Choiseul, Manasseh Sogavare said the National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) Government had already settled down because one changes was made on the Finance portfolio.

He said the budget was important because the fiscal year ends on December 31st.

“If there is no budget, then we will end up in constitution budget,” he said.

“We can’t continue to adjourn meeting, otherwise we just passed a resolution and move on,” he said.

Leader of Independent, John Maneioru supported the call saying there was no change because the policy and Government still remain the same.

MP for Aoke Langalanga, Mathew Wale said days should not be wasted because there were many reports being tabled which needs to be discussed.

Opposition leader, Dr Derek Sikua said because Christmas is drawing closer, MPs will want to spend their holidays in the provinces.

However, Lilo, also the former Finance Minister said the Government still has enough time to pass the budget.

“Government is committed to create the right democracy but one thing to bear in mind is time should not rush us to bring a quality budget,” he said.

Solomon Star understands, a budget of $2.7 billion is expected to be table by new Finance Minister, Rick Hou in the coming sitting.

Hou said he want the budget to be passed without passing a resolution to discus it next year.


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