Posted by: nativeiowan | November 22, 2011

not good…

Motion still stands

Dr Derek Sikua

THE motion of no-confidence for this Friday still stands despite reports Opposition leader Dr Derek Sikua is likely to withdraw the motion on the 11th hour.

Government members claimed Dr Sikua would be withdrawing the motion because he doesn’t have the numbers to debate the motion in Parliament.But press secretary to Opposition Deli Oso said the motion was still in place and it would be moved in Parliament this Friday.

“There are alot of allegations against the current Prime Minister’s than his successor,” Ms Oso said.

The Solomon Star understands the civil society has pressured the Opposition to file the motion because of the political uprising that occurred after Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo’s victory last week.

Dr Sikua recently explained that the motion would serve as a circuit breaker to diminish any moves by members of the public to take up any further illegal and violent protests.

He said the Opposition was prepared to expose all the corruption cases the Prime Minister is involved when he tables the motion of no-confidence so Prime Minister Lilo must better be prepared.

Speaker of Parliament Sir Allan Kemakeza had also confirmed through media reports that the motion will be tabled on Friday.


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