Posted by: nativeiowan | November 20, 2011

dangerous rhetoric…

‘I have more missiles to fire’

Gordon Darcy LiloPM Lilo…I have more missiles to fire.

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo welcomes the motion of no confidence tabled against his government by the Opposition.

He said it is their constitutional right as a watchdog of the government. The motion of no confidence is a constitutional motion which allows members of parliament to do a check on the government.“But the only sad part about it all is that we, as a legitimate government have not yet started. “Immediately after tomorrow, the cabinet should be formed and the government should start working. To move a motion almost immediately after the election of the Prime Minister is ridiculous and totally absurd and the motive behind this motion is obviously questionable.

“Is the Opposition quite genuine about this motion? It appears that they are only causing violence and instability.

“The motion does not have any substance at all, but it is only geared towards inciting the public to react negatively against the government.

“Why cannot we allow this legitimate government to perform first before we could make an appraisal and assessment on its performance?

“Have we not seen NCRA government’s performance in the last 14 months which resulted in good sound economic management? I do not demand any answers, but I will leave it to the public.”

The statement said the country cannot compare NCRA to other Arab countries where People’s Power had caused rebellion against dictatorship governments ruling for 3 – 4 decades.

“In Solomon Islands, NCRA government has produced good results, in terms of our economic growth, stabilizing of inflation, creating good relations with donor partners for more resources to be made available for development in Solomon Islands, including our recent qualification for funding under Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC).

“Would you consider all these as achievement s done by a corrupt government,” he questioned.

Prime Minister Lilo had met with the City Councilors of the Honiara City Council over the weekend and he assured them his government would work together with the council because this is the government which is closer to the people.

The current government under the leadership of Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo welcomes the motion of no confidence on his government.

“Come Friday we will know of what kind of bullets the Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua would be firing at Lilo.”

Prime Minister Lilo said he hopes they are not mere bullets and he is prepared to launch missiles (not bullets) on Derek Sikua and he is asking Sikua to get himself prepared.

“I meant what I meant’. Let the people of Solomon Islands read this message out of the debris and will find out who’ll do the cleaning up and equally who will be responsible for all these.”

Hon. Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is now working with all stakeholders, including the Peoples Power, Civil Society Groups, and Honiara city council to build a good relation with each other in the city. He intends to carry out civic education with the youth in the city.

“We have a lot of good young people who are often misled by certain leaders of this country. It is time we should have respect for our government, it is time we have respect for human rights in our society, and in so doing, our beautiful country Solomon Islands will flourish with prosperity, peace and tranquility and harmony.”

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