Posted by: nativeiowan | November 19, 2011

So sad…

We will never get this country up and running so long as BS like this carries on…

Dettke: Abana is a ‘liar’

SATURDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2011 16:57
Dettke has accused Abana of lying.Dettke (L) has accused Abana (R) of lying.

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for North West Guadalcanal Bodo Dettke has described Fataleka MP Steve Abana as a liar and a culprit.

This was after Abana alleged that Dettke was responsible for the break-up within the Opposition camp prior to the Prime Minister’s election.Mr Abana claimed the Opposition only agreed for only one candidate and that was MP for North Vella La Vella Milner Tozaka but Dettke demanded MP for East Honiara Douglas Ete should be the candidate.

But yesterday, Dettke denied the claims describing Abana as a ‘hypocrite.’

Mr Dettke said prior to the elimination process within the Pacific Casino camp, Abana approached him and raised a point that concerned him and that was if he was to become the Prime Minister it would not look good as the current Governor General was also a Malaitian.

“Abana then asked me who our candidate for the Prime Minister’s post was and I told him that I cannot become a candidate as I’m new to politics as well as I’m also a businessman,” Mr Dettke said.

Therefore, Dettke suggested that Ete would be their candidate.

He said this was based on three points and that was:

  • Ete is part Malaita and Guadalcanal his origin makes him an ideal candidate as he can be seen as the bridge to facilitate the on- going reconciliations between Malaita and Guadalcanal provinces.
  • Ete is an MP from East Honiara and never in our history was a PM elected from the three Honiara constituencies, namely East Honiara, Central Honiara and West Honiara.
  • And Ete had an extensive experience in the public service having served the government in different ministries for many years.

“Abana fully supports Ete as the candidate but he had his conditions as well. And that was he would support Ete only if he would be the deputy Prime Minister and Rick Hou as the Finance Minister. We agreed to the arrangement and within half an hour, the elimination process started,” Mr Dettke said.

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