Posted by: nativeiowan | November 19, 2011

glorious gizo

Had a real fun day… It has been a few weeks (like 10) since I have been in Gizo. A fair amount to do here and I needed to go see Uncle Noel at Liapari so I flew in early yesterday, got a lot done and had a quiet night. Woke this morn and enjoyed the house for a few hours. Don and I headed to Liapari about 10am.

We got within half an hour of Liapari when we met Noel and his man, Levin, running over in “Amnesia”.

I jumped in with Noel, and Levin hopped in with Don. They went to work and Noel and I went to Sanbis to play.

We had great pizza and OK beer at Hans’ place.

Hans is building a new bungalow. In classic Hans-fashion there has never been anything like this new pad. He loves to do things differently… in this pad he has turned a coconut tree upside down as his main post. It is real cool.

And life is good.

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