Posted by: nativeiowan | November 18, 2011

will it ever stop…

Pressure building on new Solomons PM from opposition, civil society

SATURDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2011 07:25
Manasseh SogavareSogavare….

The opposition in Solomon Islands says pressure will keep building for the removal of Gordon Darcy Lilo as Prime Minister.
The parliamentary election of Mr Lilo two days ago triggered rioting in central Honiara.Among those rioting were groups claiming that Mr Lilo’s election doesn’t represent a change from his predecessor Danny Philip, whose government largely remains in place.

The opposition has lodged a motion of no-confidence against Mr Lilo to be voted on in parliament next Friday.

The former Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare, says the motion is based on questions over Mr Lilo’s integrity.

“That’s what the civil society are concerned about. You cannot have a person who has a lot of allegations over his head to lead the government and talk about concern for government finances when he doesn’t believe in a single word he’s saying. So he needs to go. The pressure should be on him from day one.”


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