Posted by: nativeiowan | November 18, 2011

gotta be sum kinda record…

I know that the Republic of Nauru just elected a president and then voted him out in, I belive, 8 days…

Current SI PM in office 4 working days…

Motion of No Confidence

‘Bring it on’

NEWLY elected Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo will be facing a motion of no confidence next week.The Opposition office made the move with a notice being served to the Speaker of Parliament yesterday.

This came after the member of parliament for Gizo/Kolombangara was elected with a clear majority of 29 votes from the 49 Members of Parliament on Wednesday.

However, his victory was met with a huge protest from some members of the public which escalated into a rock throwing incident against the Police force in Honiara.

About six police officers were injured and police vehicles damaged while 22 youths have been arrested for unlawful activities.

Speaker to Parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza confirmed receiving the letter from Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua yesterday.

Sir Allan said that he (Dr Sikua) gave the letter which was attached with copies of statements from the Peoples Power and Malaita Ma’asina Forum, which was submitted  to the clerk and theParliament’s lawyer to look at first before being taken up for consideration.

The motion was filed by the Opposition due to the pressure from the civil society group.

Prime Minister Lilo yesterday welcomed the motion of no confidence.

Speaking to the media in his first press conference yesterday, PM Lilo said, “bring it on.”

“We can face them on the floor of Parliament,” he said.

Meanwhile, PM Lilo described the protest as politically motivated.

He claimed some of his friends were behind this protest by using ignorant citizens to get involve in this severe violent way.

Lilo said these same people made allegations against him twice in the past in the National General elections in which he returned with landslide victory.

He said it’s time the country must have a Government that put the interest of the people first.

Parliament will resume next Wednesday after PM Lilo moved a special adjournment in a short meeting yesterday morning.

This was to allow Lilo to name his cabinet ministers in his Government.

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