Posted by: nativeiowan | November 16, 2011

sore lo solomoni

Gordon Darcy Lilo, member for Gizo and Kolomobanagara, Past Minister of Finance. 
Sacked as recently from the post just last week.

Has been elected PM with 29 votes.

Helicopters disturb the air. The roads are empty but the corners are full of people. 
A tense feeling is in the air.

I was just in town at a meeting. We called the meeting to go get our kids out of school. 
The town is getting stroppy. 
We saw a large protest marching through the town just as we drove home. 
All the shops and businesses are locked tight.

the street party begins...

Lilo is the new Prime Minister

Gordon Darcy Lilo

Gordon Darcy Lilo is the new Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

Lilo won with a majority of 29 votes, retaining the current National Coalition for Rural Advancement’s reign.

Solomon Star’s Ednal Palmer reported that the media was barred from entering the parliament throughout the voting process.

After more than an hour behind closed doors, Gordon Darcy Lilo emerged through the Parliament doors, accompanied by the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui, who declared Gordon Darcy Lilo as the winner.

Gordon Darcy Lilo will now lead the Rural Advancement (NCRA) taking the role from the former Prime Minister Danny Philip who only sacked him last week.

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