Posted by: nativeiowan | November 16, 2011

an independent report just received

As expected, the crowds milling around Honiara this morning are not at all

happy with the election of Gordon Darcy Lilo as new Prime Minister as the

decision simply represents a continuation of the NCRA government and policies.

(Tally was Lilo 29, Sogavare 9, Tozaka 9.) Sogavare is the choice of the “man

on the street”. A large crowd has marched up the Kola Ridge Road to the

Governor General’s house, demanding that Lilo must be out by 4:30 p.m. (two

and a half hours from now) or Honiara will burn. People are inflamed by the

rumor that one of the logging companies backing Lilo paid $500,000 hard cash

to each of the MPs who remained loyal to him. (It sounds like Western Province

politics brought to Honiara.) RAMSI stands by watching as they are not really

prepared to shoot anyone. Unfortunately, watch this space. As all day, RAMSI

helicopters flying overhead.


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