Posted by: nativeiowan | November 13, 2011

Sore lo Solomoni

Six eye top job

MONDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2011 04:23
AT the close of nomination yesterday names of six candidates have been received and confirmed by the Government House.

The candidates included a former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.The Government House confirmed it received the names before 4pm yesterday between 3 and 3.34 pm.

Among the six are two new comers in politics; Douglas Ete and Moffat Fugui.

These names were released after some very hard discussions within the camps of the NCRA government, independent and the Opposition.

The National Coalition for Advancement (NCRA) government has sent in four candidates to two to the Opposition group.

The first candidate is John Moffat Fugui, Member of Parliament for Central Honiara.

He was nominated by MP for Rannogga/Simbo Charles Sigoto, MP for Savo/Russell Dickson Mua, MP for Temotu Nende Commins Mewa and MP for East Guadalcanal Bradley Tovosia.

Second candidate is Gordon Darcy Lilo MP for Gizo Kolombangara.

He was nominated by MP for Lau Baelelea Walter Folotalu, MP for East Are’Are Andrew Hanaria, MP for Central Makira Hypolite Taremae and MP for Baegu Asifola David Tome.

The third candidate is Samuel Maneto’ali MP for Gao Bugotu in Isabel.

He was nominated by MP for East Central Guadalcanal Joseph Onika, MP for South Vella La Vella Lionel Alex, MP for East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga and MP for Malaita Outer Islands Martin Kialoe

Fourth candidate is Manasseh Sogavare MP for East Choiseul.

He was nominated by West Kwaio MP Peter Tom, South Choiseul MP Elijah Doro Muala , Marovo MP Synder Rini and MP for West Makira Dick Ha’amori

Fifth candidate is Milner Tozaka MP North Vella Lavella, who was nominated by Job Duddley Tausinga MP for North New Georgia, Moses Garu MP for West Guadalcanal, Rick Hou MP for Small Malaita and Clay Forau MP for Temotu Vatud.

The final candidate is Douglas Ete MP for East Honiara who was nominated by Mathew Wale (Aoke/Langa Langa), Steve Abana (East Fataleka), David Day Pacha (South Guadalcanal) and James Tora (Ulawa/Ugi).

The six candidates have until the casting of ballots in Parliament on Wednesday to cancel their candidacy.

Meanwhile the various camps are currently in tense situation lobbying as the country awaits to elect its new leader.

With such a high number of nominations the election will go through elimination round before the final one is elected.

The election of the new Prime Minister came following the resignation of former Prime Minister Danny Philip on the floor of parliament moments before a motion of no confidence was to have been tabled by the Leader of Opposition Dr Derek Sikua.


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