Posted by: nativeiowan | November 11, 2011

Sore lo Solomoni

Morning news

Morning blues

A great morning…

PM Danny Philip resigned this morning. No need for a vote of no confidence.

So no street party today.

Well, until, maybe, Monday…

Parliament has been adjourned for three days to allow the buying and selling of a new PM. There are 3 main “camps” involved: Derrick Sikua has been opposition leader and was past PM so is a candidate I’d think he has 9/10 players. Steve Abana and Matt Wale are in another camp with up to 8/9. Bobo Detke has a group of 6 total and puts Doug Eke up as PM. Of course this does not take note of the current Gov that contains around19 votes… There are up to 10 “independent” members at any time who are basically loyal politicians, for a price… So the main thing now, with these “camps”, is for them to trade the ins and outs of who shall be our next PM.


Sounds like a reality show with a dumb prize for the wiener.

The greatest thing I have seen in Island politics for ages… Danny resigns under huge pressure in regards to his personal cleptocratic ways… The Speaker just made his ruling… Until a new PM is bartered, Danny remains “caretaker” PM.

Gotta love them islands…


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