Posted by: nativeiowan | November 10, 2011

Sore lo Solomoni

After all these years, through a fledgling democratic process that includes the likes of  Solomon Mamaloni…

They now want…

a responsible and visionary leader…

No more of that egocentric stuff for us… any more…

Sore lo solomoni. We’re hunkering down for possible riots tomorrow.

Life is good.

Opposition expects 31 plus

THURSDAY, 10 NOVEMBER 2011 04:47

THE Parliamentary Opposition claims it will have the support of more MPs this Friday.

Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua said he is confident that the Motion of No Confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Philip to be tabled on Friday will have the support of more than 31 MPs.

Dr Sikua said the  MPs will come from the Opposition and Independent Groups in Parliament, MPs in the Pacific Casino camp led by the North West Guadalcanal MP, Hon. Bodo Dettke and current Ministers and Backbenchers in the NCRA Government.

Solomon Star furnished a request to the Opposition yesterday to provide the list of support they have but issued a statement instead saying the support of MPs will be realized when the motion is put on the floor of parliament.

On the other hand, the government earlier claimed it already has the support of 29 MPs but with resignation of the three ministers last night the number might have reduced.

The Solomon Star yesterday requested their list of support but the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) Andrew Muaki said they are willing to send us the list under one condition that we do not publish it.

The Solomon Star insisted that it will publish the list as it would be in the best interest of the public.

Mr Muaki said he will consult with the MPs to find out if they are willing to be named publicly before sending in the list.

Meanwhile the group camping at the Pacific Casino is gaining numbers enough to hold the balance of power if some members desert NCRA to support the motion.

The Opposition leader said the motion is about ensuring quality leadership for the people of Solomon Islands and therefore calls on other “well meaning and right minded MPs” to throw in their support.

The Opposition Leader meanwhile calls for calm amongst the public whilst they allow their parliamentary representatives to freely carry out their moral obligation in replacing the current “egocentric” Prime Minister Danny Philip with a responsible and visionary leader


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