Posted by: nativeiowan | October 12, 2011

sitt’n in the night air

Heavily clouded skies dominate. Temps a few degrees above freezing.  I sit outside. The night is still but well chilled. It will freeze before the morning comes. It rained a lot today. Sun came out in the afternoon. Radiant heat everywhere. Was glorious. Down right balmy. But in the rain? And on a still night?

On a still night, sounds carry. The chill has a hummm. If you have ever been in cold… people have divergent concepts of cold.  Have you ever been in, say, -45, that’s cold.  If you have you will remember a hummm that may be the absence of sound. Not even sound can service at -45.

There is a dampness in the air.  My wooly hat. Fingerless gloves. Wooly scarf tight around the neck. Maintain adequate body heat. I sweat when I climb hills here. And pant and wheeze.  I need to get to 6000 feet. Just to see how it feels. Hmmm…. Go for a ride. Have a look around.

I hear a dog. There are many dogs here. All well behaved. My dogs would not be acceptable. Not nearly socialized enough.  The kids here are good. All well socialized.  The environment is good for kids. And dogs.  I like it alot. Even the chill in the air. Maybe, especially the chill in the air?


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