Posted by: nativeiowan | October 9, 2011

Trout fishing in Montana vol 910

Ok, Sunday in Missoula. Was up and humping yesterday. Ostensibly grouse hunting it was more of shock treatment for the fat-fuck. I survived and was well enough this morn to take off up the range behind the house here.  We’re at about 3300 feet. I clawed and trudged up to about 4300 ft. Once there I was happy that I got my wind back and had a merry tramp through and down the range.

I walked around the flats here quite a bit afterward to cool down. The flats are perfect for me. It’s the ridges and mostly “up” business of the walking that I am struggling with. I’ll know in a week or so if my wind will come. Will go looking for some 6000 ft. hikes this coming week.

Funny enough though, my thighs kept cramping up last night. A new experience for me.  I have regular muscle cramps in my calf, but can remedy/ control this easily. But last night, while in bed, both my thigh muscles went into seizure. It would have been hilarious for any spectator. A crippled up old fart trying to scuttle out of bed and get upright. It was painful and difficult to stretch the cramp out. Hope to have it under control and not have a rerun of duo-thigh muscle cramps tonight.

I sit in the sun on Filardis’ back porch. It is 13 c / 55 f with a very warm sun. It frosted last night.

The neighborhood is smashing apples into cider tonight. We collected apples yesterday and today. The neighbors have set up a press. The first run-through was really guud. Full on communal smashing starts in about a half hour.

Missoula is a cool place. I guess college towns are often more eclectic than cattle towns. But folks here are of the ultra-fit elite, mentally and physically. Everyone runs, bikes, hikes, floats, drops, jumps, glides, paddles, swims, dances and read. They read a lot. We’re in no television suburbia.

Which I really like.

When I first got here I saw a fawn in the yard. I thought is novel/ cute. Well, the deer are here full time. If it was legal you could kill one with a hammer. The apple gig is about apple juice and bear control. If the apples stay on the trees or are left on the ground the bears will come in and there will be problems.

So the neighborhood sets a press up on the side of the road… We have about 5 bushels of apples already picked and washed. Everyone is busy in their yard denuding their tree. Kinda cool.

More later

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